CIDOC is managed by a Board, the core members of which are elected by the full membership during the ICOM Triennial Conference. The current Board´s mandate lasts from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2025. 

Trilce Navarrete
Trilce Navarrete, Netherlands: chair.cidoc[at]


Jonathan Ward, United States: JWard[at]


Magnus Bognerud
Magnus Bognerud, Norway: magnus.bognerud[at]


Dieter Van Hassel
Dieter Van Hassel, Belgium: dieter.van.hassel[at]


Edurne Uriarte Santillán, Mexico:[at]


Regular board member
Adele Barbato, United States: adele.barbato[at]


Regular board member
Frank von Hagel, Germany: f.v.hagel[at]


Regular board member
Paula Casajus, Argentina: paula.casajus[at]


Regular board member
Wesam Mohamed, Egypt: wesammohamed12[at]


ICOM France Liason board member
Matthieu Bonicel, France: mbonicel[at]


The Chairs of CIDOC Working Groups are ex officio observers on the Board:


Archaeological Sites

Stephen Stead, United Kingdom: steads[at] and @steads on Twitter

CIDOC Training Association
Nicholas Crofts, Switzerland: nicholas.crofts[at]

Conceptual Reference Model Special Interest Group
Martin Doerr, Greece: martin[at]
George Bruseker, Bulgaria: mailus[at]

Mika Nyman, Finland: mika.nyman[at]
Øyvind Eide, Norway: oyvind.eide[at]

Digital Strategy Development

Jan Behrendt, Germany: wg-dsd[at] and @JPBehrendt on Twitter
Krisztián Fonyódi, Hungary: krisztian.fonyodi[at]

Documentation Standards/EODEM
Maija Ekosaari, Finland: ekosaari[at]
Rupert Shepherd, United Kingdom:

DOcumentando Museu IberoamericaNO (DOMINO)
Trilce Navarrete, Netherlands: domino.cidoc[at]
Marcela Covarrubias, Chile: domino.cidoc[at]
Paula Casajus, Argentina: paula.casajus[at]

Exhibitions and Performance Documentation
Alexandre Matos, Portugal: alexandrematos[at] and @alexandrematos on Twitter

Information Centres
Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Germany: m.hagedorn[at] and @MonikaHS on Twitter
Gordon McKenna, United Kingdom: gordon[at]

Intangible Cultural Heritage
Manvi Sharma, India: sharma.manvi[at]
Sergio Servellón, Belgium: sergio.servellon[at]

LIDO (formerly Data Harvesting and Interchange)
Regine Stein, Germany: regine.stein[at]
Erin Coburn, United States:[at]
Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, United States: emmanuelle.delmas-glass[at]

Linked art
Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, United States: emmanuelle.delmas-glass[at]
Robert Sanderson, United States: rsanderson[at]
Athanasios Velios, United Kingdom: a.vellos[at]

Museum Process Implementation
Walter Koch, Austria: walter.koch[at]

Semantic Research Environments
(previously: Transdisciplinary Approaches in Documentation)
Mark Fichtner, Germany: m.fichtner[at]
Günther Görz, Germany: guenther.goerz[at]
Georg Hohmann, Germany: g.hohmann[at]