CIDOC is managed by a Board, the core members of which are elected by the full membership at the ICOM Triennial Conference. The current Board was appointed in 2019 and will remain in post until the next Triennial Conference in 2022.

Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Germany: m.hagedorn[at]
@MonikaHS on Twitter

Jonathan Ward, USA: JWard[at]

Gordon McKenna, UK: gordon[at]

Trilce Navarrete, Holland:[at]
@TrilceNavarrete on Twitter

Alexandre Matos, Portugal: alexandrematos[at]
@alexandrematos on Twitter

Kadri Nigulas, Estonia: kadri.nigulas[at]

Saeed Ba Yashoot Yemen: sa2007eed[at]
@baya3shoot on Twitter


Dieter Van Hassel, Belgium: dieter.van.hassel[at]

Jan Behrendt: mail[at]
@JPBehrendt on Twitter

The Chairs of CIDOC Working Groups are ex officio observers on the Board:

Archaeological Sites
Stephen Stead, UK: steads[at] and @steads on Twitter

Conceptual Reference Model Special Interest Group
Martin Doerr, Greece: martin[at]

Mika Nyman, Finland: mika.nyman[at]

LIDO (formerly Data Harvesting and Interchange)
Regine Stein, Germany: regine.stein[at]
Erin Coburn
, USA:[at]
Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, USA: emmanuelle.delmas-glass[at]

Linked art
Robert Sanderson, USA: rsanderson[at]
Athanasios Velios, UK: a.vellos[at]
Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass, USA: emmanuelle.delmas-glass[at]

Digital Preservation
Susanne Nickel, Sweden: susanne.nickel[at]

Documentation Standards
Jonathan Whitson-Cloud, UK: JWhitsonCloud[at] and @jwhitsoncloud on Twitter
Maija Ekosaari, Finland: ekosaari[at]

Exhibitions and Performance Documentation
Gabriel Moore Forell Bevilacqua, Brazil: gabrielmoore[at]

Information Centres
Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Germany: m.hagedorn[at] and @MonikaHS on Twitter

Intangible Cultural Heritage
Manvi Sharma, India: sharma.manvi[at]

Museum Process Implementation
Walter Koch, Austria, walter.koch[at]

Research Environments
(previously: Transdisciplinary Approaches in Documentation)

CIDOC Training Association
Nicholas Crofts, Switzerland: nicholas.crofts[at]

DOcumentando Museu IberoamericaNO (DOMINO)
Trilce Navarrete, Netherlands: trilce.navarrete[at]
Ana Álvarez, Spain: domino.cidoc[at]