URI Syntax

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Canonical URIs for concepts

Canonical URIs have the form
where ddddd is a immutable sequence of five digits. This form is canonical insofar, as it represents a concept independent of natural language, and also independent from its association with a particular member vocabulary of the LIDO Terminology.



Symbolic URIs for concepts

These have the form
where concept-scheme-name identifies the LIDO Concept Scheme of the LIDO Terminology, and concept-name is a (possibly abbreviated) rendering of the preferred term in English.



URIs for concept schemes

URIs identifying a specific LIDO Concept Scheme as a single resource are composed of terminology.lido-schema.org appended by a concept-scheme-name. These URIs will be resolved to the set of metadata statements about the concept scheme. They also serve to identify specific concept schemes as named graphs in SPARQL queries.