Linked Art

Linked Art is a metadata application profile based primarily on the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model. It adds on various implementation-driven decisions and patterns that are not appropriate for the more conceptual level of the ontology. This spans from RDF and Linked Open Data as the carrier model and the JSON-LD format for serializations, through to recommendations about particular modeling patterns and minor extensions based on participating institutions’ use cases.  The scope of Linked Art is also narrower than the full CRM, as its focus is on use cases from art museums rather than all of cultural heritage knowledge management. The metadata application profile will drive adoption of the CRM and bring new requirements and issues to the CIDOC-CRM SIG as they arise, via overlapping membership and participation.

The working group plans to meet in person twice a year, rotating amongst continents with at least three participating organizations (currently North America and Europe, although there are also participants from Australasia, South America and Asia). Between meetings, biweekly teleconferences would ensure continuity and progress. Participating organizations would be encouraged to collaborate on external grants to fund travel and activities.

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Delmas-Glass, Emmanuelle, and Robert Sanderson. “Fostering a Community of PHAROS Scholars through the Adoption of Open Standards.” Art Libraries Journal 45, no. 1 (2020): 19–23. doi:10.1017/alj.2019.32.

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