What is new in LIDO v1.1?

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LIDO v1.1

LIDO v1.1 was released in December 2021:

Important to note, LIDO v1.1 is backward compatible with LIDO v1.0, meaning that any LIDO v1.0 document will still be a valid instance of the current version. In addition to new content (introduction of new elements and attributes), the documentation and structure of the schema have been adapted to current community needs.

New schema extensions

New schema presentation

The schema presentation as HTML document was redesigned. More information can be found here.

Descriptions revisited

The element descriptions were reformulated to present some technical information in a more accessible way, distinguishing between non-repeatable wrappers and repeatable sets as structural elements on the one hand, and index or text elements as instantiable elements on the other.

All revisions and additions introduced with version 1.1 of the LIDO XML Schema have been carefully checked for backward compatibility with version 1.0 so that any valid LIDO v1.0 metadata record is also a syntactically valid instance of the LIDO v1.1 XML Schema.