Use in a Web Browser

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Document requests from web browsers usually contain a statement such as  Accept: text/html in the HTTP header. Whenever a LIDO Terminology URI is requested in this way, the resolver will redirect the request to an HTML rendering of the desired resource.

Base namespace

Requesting the namespace URI without further information redirects to the main page of xTree.public. This page includes a list of available LIDO Terminology concept schemes.

Vocabulary URIs

Each concept scheme within the LIDO Terminology is identified by its vocabulary name. In combination with the base URI, this results in the concept scheme URI. Invoking a concept scheme URI in a web browser redirects to an xTree.public HTML page with concept scheme metadata. or

Canonical URIs

A canonical URI (if defined) will redirect a web browser to the corresponding page in xTree.public or

Symbolic URIs

A symbolic URI is composed of the concept scheme URI and a symbolic name. Web browsers will be redirected to the corresponding page in xTree.public. or


Requesting the SPARQL endpoint from a web browser will open a web-based editor for interactive exploration of the LIDO terminology RDF store: