Information Centres

Who we are?

We are a loose network of organisations (or groups), which support documentation, in different countries around the world:

  • CHIN (Canadian Heritage Information Network), Canada.
  • Collections Trust, UK.
  • SIG Documentation of the German Museum Association, Germany.
  • MDC, Croatia.


  • To provide information about organisations in the network.
  • Learning which references, resources and instruments are offered by the organisations in the network.
  • Spread expertise about documentation and related topics, including by encouraging translation.
  • Bring together statistical data available on museums in the world – based on the activities which have been done by EGMUS(European Group on Museum Statistics –

What we do?

  • Discuss joint initiatives, such as encouraging translations of what has been achieved in one country to be distributed in other countries.
  • Look for further synergies.

Plan of action for the next three years

  • Extend the network of organisations.
  • Meet annually, at the CIDOC conference to discuss issues.
  • Gather, and publish, museum statistics for countries outside Europe.

If you know of a relevant organisation, either supporting documentation or having museum statistics, in your country please tell us about it by e-mailing the co-chairs.


  • Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Germany [Co-chair] –m.hagedorn[at]
  • Gordon McKenna, United Kingdom [Co-chair] – gordon[at]


The WG was established as the Documentation Centres Working Group in 1985 and later renamed to Information Centres Working Group. Its aims at its beginning were:

  • To encourage the compilation and distribution of bibliographical data and abstracting and indexing services, both in computerised and in printed form.
  • To promote the development of a subject indexing thesaurus of museum literature.
  • To consider ways to making documents and information available throughout the world.