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The LIDO Terminology is committed to the Linked Open Data (LOD) paradigm by making each LIDO Term referenceable through a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). LOD-compliant use of the LIDO Terminology thus requires that the namespace, (either in full or as a resolvable prefix) is never omitted from any identifier taken from a LIDO Concept Scheme.

LOD-compliant use also entails that terms from the LIDO Terminology cannot be expressed by their natural-language label alone. Instances of the LIDO XML schema should therefore always carry the URI of a LIDO Term, possibly accompanied by a label in a language of the user’s choice. Labels are intended for selection and presentation in user interfaces while URIs are the mandatory representation of LIDO Terms for machine operations such as transformation or aggregation of LIDO schema instances. The LOD services described here can be used as the bridge between URIs and all associated information intended for human readers.

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