LIDO v1.1 – Schematron

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The schema definition of LIDO v1.1 contains embedded Schematron rules that constrain certain aspects of the definition which cannot be expressed through the W3C XML Schema Definition Language (XSD). A valid LIDO v1.1 document has therefore to validate against the structural definition contained in the XSD Schema while also complying to the Schematron assertions.

Schematron validates these constraints through rules implemented as W3C XSL Transformations. In other words, Schematron provides a workflow in which a transformation style sheet, when applied to a LIDO v1.1 document, will result in a report document (as Schematron Validation Report Language, SVRL) about compliance to these rules.

Validation of Schema embedded Schematron rules is supported by several tools. Please refer to the respective documentation.

For pre-built Schematron validation style sheets and technical documentation refer to