Intangible Cultural Heritage

CIDOC Intangible Working Group (CIDOC ICH WG) was set up in Dresden, Germany during the annual conference of CIDOC 2014. The CIDOC ICH WG had its first meeting on 8 Sep. 2014 and the second meeting on 9 Sep. Meetings on both the days were attended by 15-20 people.

It has been decided in the two meetings on 8 & 9 Sep 2014 that the CIDOC ICH WG would be a platform for sharing experiences and developing methods related to the Documentation of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The working group would build upon the convention, definition, domains and framework provided by the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage 2003.  Keeping in view the ICOM definition of museums, 2007 where the word intangible has been added, it would explore ways of documenting and linking museum objects and ICH.

The Working Group would limit its scope of work to the broad area of documentation of the ICH and its related fields. It is concerned with the issues of Documentation and access of information in the field of ICH.

The working Group would work towards generating:

·         Vocabulary for ICH

·         Standards for ICH

·         Guidelines for ICH

It would start by studying and comparing existing guidelines and formats for documentation of ICH and for linking ICH and museum objects from various countries, regions and museums.

It would also firmly acknowledge and respect in every step and approach the involvement of Knowledge bearers and the community in documentation and communication process.

The CIDOC ICH WG would works towards greater documentation, easy retrieval, access and communication of ICH.

Chair: Manvi Seth, Chair
Email: sharma.manvi[at]

Co-chair: Sergio Servellón
e-mail: sergio.servellon[at]

Manvi Seth and members of the inaugural meeting of the new Intangible Cultural Heritage Working Group in Dresden, Germany, during the CIDOC 2014 Annual Conference.