2005 Zagreb

Documentation and users

The CIDOC annual conference was held May 24 — 27, 2005 in Zagreb, Croatia. The conference theme was “Documentation and the users”. The organisers formulated this as follows:

Worldwide, museums have put in and are still investing enormous efforts in the field of the expert documentation of the objects and collections that they have assembled, are looking after, investigating and presenting. The global information community expects and peremptorily demands access to the information and knowledge stored in museums. For whom are we documenting if not for this community? So let us take the time to consider museum documentation from the point of view of the user. Are the forms of documentation that we use in museums going to be just as interesting and relevant to the general public? What kind of expectations does the public have? How can we affect the museum-public relationship through documentation? From inventorisation and cataloguing to documentation for users: internal vs external documentation, professional vs public priorities, visitors vs users

The impact of users on documentation:

  • Interaction, information exchange, community expectations, focusing on groups of users
  • The digital heritage: new forms of museum documentation, contents management vs collection management, user-friendly knowledge systems, the Internet and electronic possibilities, digital preservation
  • Problems and challenges: additional professional efforts, costs, copyright, theft, etc.

2005 Conference Papers

Speakers & Papers

Konstantinos Arvanitis: Mobile gateways: Museums, mobile phones and the documentation of everyday life

Sophia Bakogianni, Evangelia Kavakli and Alexandra Bounia: Objects from the Past, Narratives for the Present

Dora Boškovic: Databases of Museum Resources on the Web – Today’s Necessity or Croatian Museums’ Lost Revenues?

Jozefina Dautbegovic: PERSONAL ARCHIVE Or Museum Activities of Museum Professionals – Project: PERSONAL ARCHIVE of the MDC

Martin Doerr, Athina Kritsotaki and Stephen Stead: Thesauri of Historical Periods – A Proposal for Standardisation

Martin Doerr and

Meropi Petraki: Criteria for Evaluating the Reliability of System Configurations for “long-term” Digital Preservation

Lada Dražin-Trbuljak: The Redesign of the Website of the Museum Documentation Centre: http://www.mdc.hr: From Museums and for Museums

Ali S. Elbekai, Nick Rossiter and Vassil T. Vassilev: Virtual Exhibitions Framework: Utilisation of XML Data Processing for Sharing Museum Content over the Web

Axel Ermert and Monika Hagedorn-Saupe: CCO Cataloging Cultural Objects – A Guide to Describing Cultural Works and Their Images (www.vraweb.org/CCOweb)

Giuliana de Francesco: Towards an Agreed European Platform for Digitisation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage: MINERVA – The Ministerial Network for Valorising Activities in Digitisation

Markita Franulic: The Register of Museums, Galleries and Collections in Croatia – Facing Various User Needs

Monika Hagedorn-Saupe and Axel Ermert: The State Museums of Berlin (SMB) and Their New Documentation System

Nataša Ivancevic and Ana Smokina: Copyright issues of exhibiting and purchasing an art installation including an artwork by another author

Lana Križaj: Information System of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia TEUTA

Richard Light: The CIDOC web site – a case study in information re-use

Frances Lloyd-Baynes: Integrating for Access: Delivering Aggregated Collections Information at the V&A

Sylvia Mader: Quick and Easy or Extensive and Professional

Mikica Maštrovic: Documentation, Displaying and Presentation of the Print Collection of the National and University Library

Efthimios C. Mavrikas, Evangelia Kavakli and Nicolas Nicoloyannis: The Story between the Lines: Exploring Online Distributed Cultural Heritage Document Collections using Ontology-based Methods

Lev Y. Noll: Information Technologies in Russian Museums: Traditional and Contemporary Approaches

Alexandra Pan: Cataloging the Cultural Assets of South Tyrol

Ružica Pepelko: An Example of Multimedia Museum Documentation

Snježana Pintaric: EXAT AND New Tendencies CD-ROM – Avant-garde and International Events in Croatian Art in the 1950s and 1960s

Snježana Radovanlija Mileusnic: Information Services Provided by Museum Libraries for Users in the 21st Century: How MDC’s Library works

Andrew Roberts: Delivering Collections Information to Users

Stefan Rohde-Enslin: Dust without Wind? – Long-term Preservation of Digital Data: Media, Formats, anything else?

Oreste Signore: Ontology Driven Access to Museum Information

Vagelis Stournaras, George Papanagiotou, Christis Konnaris, Efthimios C. Mavrikas: Historical Archive of the Aegean – Ergani: Documentation, Management and Publication of Cultural Heritage Resources on the Semantic Web.

Ervin Šilic: An Approach to Multimedia Presentations

Mirna Šimat and Ozren Harlovic: The Computerisation of the Croatian Museum Network

Faith Teh Eng Eng: A Custodian’s Challenge: A Museum Documentation Standard for All? Experience from Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC), Singapore

Mladen Tomorad and Goran Zlodi: Croato-Aegyptica Electronica – Database of the Egyptian Antiquities in Croatian Museum and Private Collections: Documentation vs Communication Approach

Aleksandra Uzelac: Cultural Networks and Cultural Portals – A New Infrastructure for Cultural Sector

Denis Vokic: Ferdo Goglia and Zvonimir Wyroubal: Pioneers in a Systematic Maintenance of Restoration Documentation in Croatia

Mirna Willer: Archives, Libraries, Museums: Possibilities of Co-operation in the Global Information Infrastructure – Series of Seminars Held from 1997-2004

Patricia Young: Learning, Sharing, and Collaborating: CHIN’s Experience

Višnja Zgaga: The Museum Documentation Centre and its Users

Višnja Zgaga and Ervin Šilic: Zagreb Art Donations On-line