CIDOC has a number of Working Groups, each of which carries out a specific set of tasks. Generally the annual CIDOC conference is the time for the Working Groups to come together, have discussions about their topics and relate to the other groups.

Since the beginning of CIDOC in 1950 there have been around 30 different working groups. Some of the Working Groups have been more active than others. Some, especially those focusing on specific time-related topics, have only existed for a limited time.

The intiative to start a new working group should come from interested CIDOC members, and has to be proposed to an Annual General Meeting of CIDOC.

The navigation panel on the left lists pages for each of the currently active Working Groups. There you will find short introductions and information about each Working Groups current projects.

The Working Groups are open to all CIDOC members, and we encourage your participation. Please feel free to contact the Working Group Chairs for more information.