Membership and Participation

Joining CIDOC

If you are not already a member, CIDOC would welcome your involvement in its work. Membership of CIDOC itself is free, but to be eligible for membership you must join ICOM which you normally do through the National Committee for your country.

Once you are an ICOM member, you need to advise ICOM that you want to join CIDOC.

You can choose to be a voting member of only one of ICOM’s International Committees. If you choose CIDOC you have to notify the ICOM Secretariat of this, on the Membership form which you can download from the ICOM web site.

If you are already a member of ICOM, but are not sure if you have selected to be a member of CIDOC, then you can see and edit your ICOM membership details at the ICOM membership portal.

Other ways to Participate

If you are not a member of CIDOC you can still:

– Attend the next CIDOC conference (although it is cheaper for members)

– Contribute to the Encyclopaedia of Museum Practice

– Contact us or interact with us on social media: