Basic Standard for the disposition of archaeological archives

The Problem

In many countries archaeological excavations are carried out by visiting teams from organisations based in other countries

Although they may deposit the artefacts with a museum in the country where the excavations are undertaken there are instances where inadequate or no documentation accompanies these artefacts.

The result is that the objects lose intellectual value. Subsequent researchers both inside and outside the host country are unable to build on previous work and the museum is unable to properly curate the archive

The solution

An international standard that licensing authorities, funders and museums can use either directly or as the core of a local standard.

How you can help

We are currently gathering examples of “disposition standards” from around the world in order to identify common approaches and best practice.

If you are aware of an existing standard (either National, Regional or for an individual museum) that would help us in this work please forward a copy or web address to Espen Uleberg