Next Conference

CIDOC organises an annual conference which typically incorporates:

  • Plenary sessions with papers and reports on documentation issues and initiatives
  • Workshops and tutorials on specific issues
  • Working Group sessions during which members of the Groups pursue their projects
  • Annual General Meeting of CIDOC
  • Visits to museums to learn about their documentation practices

CIDOC 2021 – Symbiosis of tradition and digital technology

New dates!

CIDOC 2021 conference “Symbiosis of Tradition and Digital Technology” is postponed to Spring 2022 due to the new government restrictions and rising COVID-19 cases in Estonia. The hybrid conference will take place in Tallinn at Maarjamäe History Centre from 23 to 27 May, 2022.

The main venue will be the  Maarjamäe History Center of Estonian History Museum.

The conference follows the lead of CIDOC 2020 and goes deeper in exploring the relations between tradition and digital technology. The three main subjects tackled at the conference are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • The future of documentation
  • A wonderland of digital technology

The pre-conference workshops and working group meetings have been planned on May 21 and 22 also in Tallinn, except for one that is going to be in Helsinki!

The conference is organized by the National Heritage Board of Estonia together with ICOM Estonia.

For further information, keep an eye on the conference website!