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May 6, 2020

COVID-19 information News

This page will be constantly updated with info about the museums response to the COVID-19 crisis.

CIDOC urge you, and your museum, to think on a COVID-19 colect and documentation project that can help museums to tell the story (or stories) around the pandemia period for future generations. You can find a good example at the Columbia University Libraries website.

Some more info collected by other institutions:


  • ICOM has publish some information regarding the current epidemic situation to help our members to overcome the difficulties and obstacles for the museum sector. You can find some tools to advocate for the sector, some recommendations and also an area to contribute with your experiences and data about the impact of COVID-19 in your museum.

American Alliance of Museums

Collections Trust

  • Collections in lockdown – some resources that museums need right now for collections care. We also like to draw attention for the different tools and recommendations from Collections Trust gathered at this Collections in Lockdown page and also to the SPECTRUM book club where you can get help to update your museum procedures while at home, or just go for a refresher on Spectrum 5.0.

Basque Regional Government

European Commission

  • EC initiative  – Platform for Cultural and Creative Sectors “Creatives Unite



ICOM Portugal

ICOM Brasil

ICOM Spain


Musée international de la Réforme


Spain Culture Ministry

We will update this page in the next weeks with more relevant information around COVID-19 issues. Please share your thoughts and info with us using our contact page.


  • The Smithsonian as also published a COVID-19 Resource Hub with great tools and resources to face the crisis.

UFMG – webmuseum

  • The COVID-19 project is an effort to measure the impact of the new corona virus on museums, to keep record of publications and actions resulting from Covid-19, as well as to present useful resources to institutions as they face this pandemic.