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November 20, 2021

CIDOC CRM Game – Digital Edition available News

CIDOC CRM Game – Digital Edition is now available. The aim of this game is to support the teaching and learning of formal ontologies in general and the CIDOC CRM in particular.

The CIDOC CRM Game – Digital Edition is a single player card game divided into different learning challenges. It aims to allow the player to explore the world of formal ontologies and CIDOC CRM while testing their knowledge and skills in semantic data as they go along.

This edition of the CIDOC CRM Game was made possible through the funding of Mémoires des archéologues et des sites archéologiques (MASA), a consortium from the french research infrastructure Huma-Num. It is the joint outcome of the efforts of the following individuals and institutions (learn more in the credits of the game):

George Bruseker (
Anais Guillem (UC Merced)
Olivier Marlet (MASA)
François-Xavier Talgorn (Indytion)

This edition of the game uses the case study of the excavations at Marmoutiers abbey in Tours. The game platform, designed in Unity, has been created as a means to generate further digital editions of the game over time with different case studies and different content. Having been developed as a game to support particularly the understanding of the CIDOC CRM, creating new versions of this game for that ontology is a particularly simple process.

The game is available for download at:

The game creators hope that this game will prove to be a useful starting point for teaching and learning ontologies. They are also open to collaborations to carry the concept forward in different environments in the future.