Who are we? Why the acronym DOMINO?

DOMINO stands for DocumentandO Museu IberoamericaNO

The Working Group was formed during the CIDOC Conference in Crete in 2018. You can read the full story at the article in the 2018 Newsletter.


  • to disseminate the work of CIDOC into our Spanish-Portuguese speaking communities and more broadly to other CIDOC members with a shared cultural background.
  • to serve as a linguistic bridge to exchange specialized knowledge and enrich the international community.

What are our plans?

  • To develop a network of experts and build best practice in museum documentation across the globe with Spanish-Portuguese language affinity (from any NC).
  • To identify, develop and/or update relevant museum documentation in Spanish-Portuguese.
  • To advocate for the dissemination of expertise from Spanish-Portuguese speaking institutions.
  • To advance harmonisation in the development of collection documentation.
  • To generate a common work agenda.

 A first selection of topics to guide DOMINO in the coming years includes:

  • Documenting traditional stories and customs
  • Born-digital assets documentation
  • Documenting collections in small and rural museums
  • Policies to support documentation of collections
  • National inventories and digital portals
  • Semantic web, Linked Data, Linked Open Data and Open Data Initiatives
  • Shared experiences in the use of free software for the documentation of collections and objects

Please contact us if you have another topic you would want to contribute with.


  • Ana Álvarez Lacambra,[chair] –aalvarel[at]
  • Lina Nagel, [co-chair] -lina.nagel[at]