2012 Helsinki

Enriching Cultural Heritage

CIDOC 2012 Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland 10-14.6.2012

The CIDOC annual conference 2012 was organized in Helsinki, the main venue being the National Museum of Finland. Sessions, workshops and receptions also took place in the Finnish National Gallery, in the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, in Design Museum as well as in the Finnish Sports Museum, all located in the center of the city.

2012 Conference papers

Speakers & Papers

All abstracts are included in the conference brochure.

Key note speakers

Lassila, Ora: Love Thy Data (or: Apps Considered Harmful)

Le Boeuf, Patrick: An example of library and museum cooperation: the FRBROO conceptual model

Poole, Nick: Powering the Museum of tomorrow. Challenges and opportunities for museums information

Speakers and full papers

Anttila, Elina, Eero Heikkinen and Tapani Sainio: The National Digital Library of Finland – experiences from collaboration and service development

Bala, Shashi: Digital inventories on cultural memories and Intangible Cultural Heritage: Case Study of Yadav community of Haryana

Hyvönen, Eero, Thea Lindquist, Juha Törnroos and Eetu Mäkelä: History on the Semantic Web – An Event Gazetteer and Timeline for World War I

Kettula, Suvi and Eero Hyvönen: Cataloguing Processes of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Koski, Marianne: Powerpoint and brain activity – managing collections in local museums in Finland

Low, Jyue Tyan: A practical documentation practice for the management and preservation of digital video/ media and installation art

Mazurek, Cezary, Krzysztof Sielski, Justyna Walkowska and Marcin Werla: From MARC21 and Dublin Core, through CIDOC CRM: First Tenuous Steps towards Representing Library

Merges, Judith, Martin Scholz and Günther Görz: Erlangen Implementation of FRBRoo

Parsell, David  and Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass: Using open source tools to expose cross collection data in the LIDO schema

Phiri, Fidelity and Terry S. Nyambe: Digitalization of archives, the Livingstone Museum experience

Rayaprolu,Venkata Ramana: Challenges to documentation of museum objects in
a polylingual society

Ribeiro, Emanuela: Documentation in Science & Technology: accessibility to diverse audiences

Rodger, Norman: MIMO – “Striking a Chord for Musical Instrument Museums”

Savia, Satu: Developing Collection Management – Museum 2015

Segan, Marija and Milos Milovanovic: The monuments and sites of Toplica district of Serbia in digital catalogue of cultural monuments

Simou, Nikolaos, Eleni Tsalapati, Nasos Drosopoulos and Regine Stein: Evolving LIDO based aggregations into Linked Data
Tyson, Nick, Erica Calogero, Phil Blume and Amy Miller: My House My Street: Engaging Local Communities of Volunteers to Learn, Train and Gain from Lost Local Heritage

Tzompanaki, Katerina  and Martin Doerr: A New Framework for Querying Semantic Networks

Whitson Cloud, Jonathan: The documentation of scientific analysis and conservation at the British Museum: the path to sharing