1999 London

Delivering Diversity: Promoting Participation

London, United Kingdom | September 6-10, 1999

The 1999 CIDOC conference was organised in conjunction with MDA, the UK Museum Documentation Association.The venue was Imperial College, London.

The event was opened by Alan Howarth CBE, Minister for the Arts Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

1999 Conference proceedings

Speakers and Full papers

Louise Smith: Preface

Alan Howarth: Introduction

Martyn Brown: Oikos

Matthew Stiff: Strength in Numbers: The Development of the 24 Hour Museum

Suzanne Keene: Introducing the Netful

Andrew Roberts: The Changing Role of Information Professionals n Museums

Ariane Iljon: Convergence of Archives, Libraries and Museums: A European Perspective

Jane Sledge: American Str@tegy: A Report

Bruce Royan: Present Imperfect, Future Conditional

John Perkins and Angela Spinazze: Finding Museum Information in the Internet Commons: A report on the CIMI Dublin Core Metadata Testbed Project

Junko Iwabuchi: Bringing in more elderly audiences with the power of digital technologies: A case study

Jodi Mattes: Access for All? Consideration of multimedia content and design to ensure access for users with disabilities

David O’Brien: Higher education students involved with cultural heritage; a traditional audience eager to use new methods

Manus Brinkman: Illicit Traffic, Fighting an Uphill Battle

Alexander S. Drikker: The Museum in the 21st Century and Information Media

Ray Lester: The Diversity of Biodiversity Information: Is it Inevitable?

Hennione Cornwall-Jones: Historical Photographic Collections: an untapped resource?

Mubiana Luhila: Networked Communication: Are Museums in Sub-Saharan Africa Ready?

Douglas Tudhope and Daniel Cunliffe: Audience and Access: Evaluating Access Tools for Multimedia Collections

Pat Reynolds: Shazam! Researching WebCatalogue Audience Needs

Stuart Holm: The Yahoo Hack – Intercepting potential audiences by stealth (an interim report)

Edmund Southworth and Anne Fahy: “Who’s out there?” – Combating Virtual Exclusion

Roland Jackson: Involving Audiences; Flights of Inspiration

Ruth Singer: How the LTM reached new audiences through working with local schools

Ben Lobo, Phil Blume and Nick Tyson: A template for the Future?

David Dawson: New Technology is for life…

Fiona Marshall: Joining the dots: Challenges in the creation of information for public access

Jeanne Hogenboom: “Truth may seem, but cannot be”: on the objectivity of museum collections data

Richard Hobbs: Finding our Past: the Portable Antiquities Scheme

Andrew Roberts, John Shepherd and Francis Grew: Managing and providing access to information resources about the archaeological archive of London

Ian 0. Morrison: Villages of Ether (Revisited)

Helen McCorry: Museums, the Web and the Serendipity Facilitator

Rosa Botterill: European Museums’ Information Institute