2010 Shanghai

Museums in intercultural dialogue – New Practices in Knowledge Sharing and Information Integration

The CIDOC 2010 conference was held as a part of the triennial ICOM general conference in Shanghai, China which lasted from November 7th to November 12th 2010.

2010 Conference Papers

Below is a list of authors with links to full papers

Nicholas Crofts: Grasping the intangible

Ifigenia Dionissiadou: Archives incorporating museum objects: the case of performing arts

Guenther Goerz: Semantic Annotation for Medieval Cartography: The Example of the Behaim Globe of 1492

Monika Hagedorn-Saupe: Online Access to Cultural Heritage: Europeana – Athena and related national and European activities

Esa Hannus, Miia Herrala, Juhani Grönhagen, Henna Mölsä, Mika Nyman
Global Sharing of Information about Prehistoric Rock Art

Katri Hirvonen-Nurmi: Museums in Intercultural Dialogue – New Practices in Knowledge Sharing and Information Integration

Nadzeya Kiyavitskaya, Akrivi Katifori, Yannis Velegrakis, Chrisa Tsinaraki, Siarhei Bykau, Eirini Savaidou, Aristotle Tympas, Yannis Ioannidis and Manolis Koubarakis: Modeling and mapping multilingual and historically diverse content

Zhu Kongqiang: Foundational Research of the Frame and Design Cultural Relicts

Karin Kühling: Access to letters from Napoleon to Johann Sebastian Bach (short paper) 

Zhou Kuiying: Transformation Idea Enhancement Science Protection Consciousness with All One’s Strength Complete the Documentation of Museums Collections of Shanxi Province

Jyue Tyan LOW, Martin Doerr: A postcard is not a building

Lev Nol: The Pushkin Museum Internet Portal – New Tendencies in Museum Heritage Knowledge Sharing

You Qingqiao: Thinking on the Practice of the Documentation Chinese Museum Collections

Hans Rengman: Moving SAMOREG into LIDO

Vincent Ribaud: End-user story telling with a CIDOC CRM- based semantic wiki

Regine Stein: Sharing Museum Information: Theory or Practice? – A European Experience