2003 St. Petersburg

Electronic museums in a modern society: challenges and contradictions
CIDOC 2003

The 2003 CIDOC meeting took place on 1st – 5th September 2003 in the Marble Palace of the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, in cooperation with ADIT (“Automation Directions in Museums and Information Technologies”), a Russian association of museum experts concerned with the creation of electronic resources and presentation of museum information on the Internet.

The topic of the conference was “The electronic potential of a museum: incentives and limitations, achievements and problems”, and it had the following objectives:

  • analysis of the main achievements in the field of storage, restoration, conservation and educational work;
  • discussion of pressing technical, technological, phychological and social problems and restrictions;
  • outline of prospective areas of development and the further penetration of information technologies into the traditional museum environment;
  • incentives for innovation.

The conference intended to help the participants to:

  • develop priorities and strategies for the use of information technology;
  • select standards for recording and for storage of images;
  • plan joint international projects.

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The local contacts were:

Russian Museum
Lyudmila M. Kurenkova
E-mail: kurenkova@rusmuseum.ru
Phone: +7(812)315-6436
Fax: +7(812) 314-4153

Association for Documentation and Information Technology (ADIT)
Alexander V. Dremailov
E-mail: dream@kreml.ru
Phone/Fax: +7(095) 202-1624